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Einen Überblick über die generelle Haltung von Minischweinchen vermittelt Ihnen diese Seite, auch in englischer Sprache.

Mini Pig - no Domestic Animal for Everyone < > Minischweinchen - kein Haustier für Jedermann

At the attitude of any domestic animals it is important to find out whether the respective species of animal also matches the mentality of the mistress resp. master and of the family. To avoid disappointment at them and animal sorrow an exact information before buying is recommended. For this reason I would like to give some recommendations interested readers and inform about something of my personal experiences.

The behavior of my darlings, the "mini pigs", matched my ideas of house keeping of animals very well. Therefore I added it to me to the aim to cultivate a miniature form which has the pleasant qualities of the pigs, but reach a size with which also a not-can live farmer on smaller area can live within the past 10 years.

My animals, the "Wiesenauer Mini Pigs", reach a size of approx. 25 to 35 cm of height, 50 to 60 cm of length and a weight of approx. 15 kg. To the attitude of these dwarves a little cage of approx. 2 square metres recommends himself with a dry, draft-free hut. If you can make this accommodation, you should look for an approx. 4 weeks old young animal. The weight of the animal should approx. 1 kg so that you don't experience any great surprise later. It is advisable to look at the parents animals since one cannot see the "ending size" of the piglet.

By the way, the height of the price doesn't guarantee for quality, health and miniature size of the animal. At the sales of a little animal you shold pay attention to the animals studbook and that it is provided with an ear tag as proof of a regristrated breeding.

In every case, however, the purchase remains confidential matter. Size deviations also can result by the fact that generation jumps appear in the period of 3 to 5 years of the cultivation that is to say size and appearance of the grandparents appear.

Mini pigs like into much of her qualities our domestic cats, they aren't recipient of orders like a dog. If you should nevertheless decide in favor of such a fellow tenant, it would be advisable to put up something like a child playpens with a cat toilet in the apartment at the beginning. Mostly, this "loo" is immediately accepted. If there should be difficulties, put the first "sausage" in it and success will appear. After and after room should be admitted until his complete terrain is opened.

You will be enthusiastic about the ability to learn and of the growing trusting nature and so you will get slowly to a "pig fan" und turn to inseparable friends. Despite all enthusiasm and love of animals you should realize that a cage is absolutely required to be able to take "a step without pig" from time to time as well as at corresponding requirements, too. However, this doesn't have any influence on the love of the animal to his mistress or master, because pigs love light, air, sun, sand and the free sky over himself.

Your little pig will make permanently the impression to be tremendously hungry. Results from this, that almost all mini pigs are overfeeded and bring up in short time up to 40 kg on the scales. Well, therefore pay your attention to a lot of movement, a sporting figure and a constant quantity of food, because "repletely" your little pig will never be, anyway.

Mini pigs are very robust but also sensitive animals. Their thinking is a little bit slow down, however very penetrating. Therefore you should handle very quietly with the animals, hectic rush and exaggerated speed leads to a complete blockade.

Pigs very severely react to mites. Regular vaccinations with Ivomex have proved themselves.

You can socialize the mini pigs with all not aggressive animals, because they are very sociable -provided that there are no filled bowls in reach.

Feeded should be in irregular distances one time daily. Stroke, play and caress as often as possible, but without titbits because this ruins the character. Eaten will be everything apart from the little which seems inedibly - until it will be demolished too. Well, the feedings should go by the visual phenotype of the animal: - sportingly slim - not: square - practical - good.

Should you take everything heed you will have a lot of joy with your little pig and perhaps you also get an one possessed than me.

Yours Peter Schwarz